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AWS Accredited Solutions Architects are often older and more experienced than you could believe, but need for them is on the rise. Amazon is flexing its muscles all around the area. Besides its controlling position in on-line e commerce, Amazon also occupies important market positions in web solutions, cloud calculating, grocery delivery and more. A latest Forbes article also offers Amazon strong, if not controlling positions, in gadget installation, Television and movie content, music streaming, social network and health care IT also. But cloud calculating normally, and Amazon Web Services especially, is a marketplace wherein Amazon occupies the top market place, with chief opponents Google and Microsoft monitoring somewhat behind.

For a member degree certification, the salary figures are fairly eye popping, also: the typical salary for people who held this credibility in 2016 was 4, 320, with a median value of $126, 670. Most AWS Certified Solutions Architect AWS CSAA for short are older than average. Therefore, they’ve much more on the job experience, and are probably earning more by just sheer dint of time spent working and understanding obtained in route. The age distribution for AWS CSAA holders fell out for this: 35.3 percentage: Aged 45 to 54 – 26.6 percentage: Aged 35 to 44 – 20.6 percentage: Aged 25 to 34 – 4.4 percentage: Aged 24 or younger – The poll does not really call out employees order than 54, but by process of elimination that category has to represent the remaining 13.1 percentage required to bring the total to 100 percentage.

As I’ve already observed, that likely accounts for the high salary for an associate degree accreditation, which typically adorns individuals at earlier career phases. Educational attainment for AWS CSAA holders additionally bears this out: 32 percentage: Master’s Degree – 35 percentage: Bachelor’s Degree – 17.6 percent: some degree of technical training beyond high school, but no level – 11.8 percent: high school diploma just – The missing rest, 3.6 percent, likely reflects people who have PhDs or other much more advanced degrees beyond the Master’s degree. Here again, this shows a preponderance of extremely educated accreditation holders, which is in line with the higher age and higher salaries reported for this accreditation credential. The real strength of this finding is that more than 50% of poll respondents claimed much more than a decade of experience in working with cloud solutions with an additional 18 percentage reporting working at the general field between 9 and 10 years. Here again, around 70 percentage have some severe time in the niche to move forward with their education and certification .


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