The pros of web services

CICS Transaction Server V3.1 gives a wide range of improvements That enhance access to CICS, enable transformation and development of CICS programs, and further improve the systems management capacity of CICSPlex. CICS Transaction Server V3.1 – Web Service support is a vital cornerstone of the improved access to CICS and represents the evolution of the ideas and performance originally supplied by the SOAP for CICS feature. This allows CICS programs to be exposed as Internet Services, extending their usage and company value. CICS Web Services Assistant consists of z\/OS batch jobs that produce files for distribution in CICS, which are then used to handle the conversion of SOAP messages into commarea format and vice versa.

CWA also generates Web Service Definition Language, language structures, and also a log file for diagnostic purposes. This article offers a summary of the Web Services service in CICS Transaction Server V3.1, it clarifies the concepts of the Support from a CICS standpoint and contrasts the brand New CICS resource definitions with related facets of Web Services. CICS Web Services Support Wallpaper – Understanding Web Services service in CICS starts with an appreciation of SOA itself. SOA can ease competitive advantage since it allows for the exchange of info and data in a heterogeneous environment. With CICS Transaction Server V3.1, functional integration of SOAP for CICS is included as part of their CICS Web Services service.

Furthermore, improvements to CICS to service Internet Services were made in: The Internet and Security domains – The new Pipeline domain – Resource Definition Online objects – Application and also System Programming Interface commands. These work together to allow CICS programs Be exposed as Web Services, supplying the reuse and manipulation of CICS business logic in a SOA solution. For migration assistance, their SOAP for CICS functionality is still supported and can be utilized with CICS Transaction Server V3.1.

Nevertheless, clients Should migrate into the fully integrated Web services feature of CICS Transaction Server V3.1. CICS Transaction Server V3.1 allows CICS programs to be both Internet Service providers and requestors. With support for outbound HTTP, CICS might act as both a HTTP server for providing Internet Services and a HTTP client for outbound Internet Services requests. The CICS Security domain now includes service for the Transport Layer Security 1.0 protocol. CICS Internet Service Assistants – Internet Services are generally defined by a WSDL document, that is a spec of a Web Service in XML. The WSDL defines the operations supplied by the Web Service, the information and also message types, the message protocol, etc. A supplier of a Internet Service needs into generate a WSDL document into describe their service and a user needs to get the WSDL to know exactly what services can be available and how to invoke them. The production and also consumption of WSDL is a key requirement into deal using Web Services.


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